In the stillness of our thoughts, comes our most clarity

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a moment – a moment to breathe in & out, to zone into your being. My most helpful practice for this is meditation, to feel present.

Mediation is a great way to cultivate the mind & body, it also helps get rid of any tensions & unwanted energies you’re feeling inside. So if you have a spare five minutes today, try my Top Tips below on how you can simply channel away from the world & create your own moment of peace ✨

1. Find a space you feel comfortable in, with zero distractions. You can choose to lay or sit, whatever suits your preference.

2. Find a peaceful playlist that focuses on meditation, there are so many on Spotify, YouTube & Apple Music, try and keep it medium volume level.

3. Once you have accomplished all of the above, slowly lower your gaze & close your eyes.

4. Focus on your breathing – inhale through the nose, and exhale out of the mouth. Monitor this throughout the process.

5. Notice your thoughts, feel them come into your mind. Acknowledge this, Say hello to them, but slowly bring yourself back to your breathing technique.

6. Focus on your heartbeat, place your palm on your heart and feel the movement of every beat. Feel just how powerful your body is and how everyday it’s functioning to make you the best you can possibly be.

7. Let your Imagination take you to another place. Enable yourself to let go and surrender to the thoughts & feelings your body is experiencing.

8. Lastly, focus on the emotions you are feeling today. How is the music making you feel? Where has it taken you?

9. If you happened to feel any energies that could be negative, I want you to breath in for four, hold it for 4, and let✨it ✨all✨GO!
Repeat that 3-4 times.

10. Once you have done this, in your own time, give your toes and fingers a little wiggle. Slowly bringing your body back to consciousness. Open your eyes & welcome yourself back into your space.

This is a practise I like to do to start my day off right. I would LOVE to know what strategies work for you. Please COMMENT BELOW if you have any tips. There is no right or wrong after all! 💯💫

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