My top tips for effective affirmations

Affirmations have had such a powerful influence in my life so i’m really passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with you. An affirmation is a positive, powerful and short statement that you can repeat regulary. By doing them regulary you can really change your thoughts a lay a new blue print in your mind. By implementing daily affirmations you can channel so much positive energy into your brain and programme what you want out of your life.

Here are some of my favourite tips for making Affirmations 🌟

1. Write down your affirmation – keep it short & in the present tense in the present tense so you can keep repeating it.

2. Flip a negative quality into a positive – an affirmation is a positive way to flip a negative quality on its head. Instead of feeling nervous & anxious, your can be “I feel relaxed and happy.”

3. Experiment – see what works for you and how it makes you feel.

4. Make it your morning routine – make it your daily routine.

5. Imagine yourself as that person – as you say them out loud and proud you will feel the impact.

6. Repeat – as much as you can throughout the day, even in your head if you are out and about.

7. Change them up – challenge yourself and mix it up, achieve something new on your journey.

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