Introductory Life Coaching Programme

A short one month affordable focused programme to get you moving forwards with personal or business success.

Bespoke mentoring and coaching to help you discover and clarify your goals, increase your confidence, develop a growth mindset and work on productivity and motivation.

What’s included:

  • A 1 hour consultation with me looking at what you want to achieve in full detail in your career or personal life, mind mapping ideas for goals and an in depth look at where you currently are in your life.
  • 4 one hour coaching or mentoring sessions over a 4 week period, via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime etc 
  • Worksheets & tasks for your on going development.
  • Email once a week between sessions to follow on progress and keep on track.

Cost: $550.00

What People Say

Alex is someone you immediately feel at ease with because of his sincere friendliness, enthusiasm and his honest personal interest in others

Jan Willem Plug

Alex believed in me, supported me, encouraged me and listened to me which I am forever grateful for. He has always told me that ‘no dream is ever too big and to always strive for what i want’ and that is something I live by daily.

Abi Bullman

It was such a positive experience to learn about myself, map out my future, build my plan and just talk about what I am facing. I found myself looking forward to sessions as it gave me direction and hope.

Khalil Makdah

Let’s build something together.

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