My top tips for effective affirmations

Affirmations have had such a powerful influence in my life so i’m really passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with you. An affirmation is a positive, powerful and short statement that you can repeat regulary. By doing them regulary you can really change your thoughts a lay a new blue print in your mind.Continue reading “My top tips for effective affirmations”

In the stillness of our thoughts, comes our most clarity

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a moment – a moment to breathe in & out, to zone into your being. My most helpful practice for this is meditation, to feel present. Mediation is a great way to cultivate the mind & body, it also helps get rid of any tensions & unwanted energies you’reContinue reading “In the stillness of our thoughts, comes our most clarity”

Isolation – A Way For us To Find Ourselves

Struggling to find things to do in isolation? Here’s some TOP TIPS to help keep productive & get you through this time of uncertainty & stillness. Exercise – Why not get that bod ready for the summer? There’s so many online fitness classes right now. What better time to do it in your own comfortableContinue reading “Isolation – A Way For us To Find Ourselves”

Hey it’s Alex! Welcome to My Blog :)

I warmly welcome you to my Life Coaching & Mentoring blog where i will be sharing my thoughts, passions, interests and most importantly TOP TIPS for you. I’m so passionate about helping people reach their goals and I truly believe that anything is achievable in life if you really want it! By sharing my knowledgeContinue reading “Hey it’s Alex! Welcome to My Blog :)”