About Me

Hello! My name is Alex Kordek, nice to meet you. I’m a certified life Coach & Mentor, passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

I’m the CEO and founder of one of Europes leading dance & entertainment agencies AJK Agency, established in 2008. With a varied background in entertainment, i’ve been an actor, model, dancer and choreographer. I’ve lived and worked around the world in Europe, The Middle East & America. Building my business from scratch on my own I have learnt so many valuable tools and skills which have enabled me to become a successful entrepreneur.

I’ve been mentoring for over 10 years in the entertainment sector including celebrities, pop artists, dancers & models. I wanted to reach out and share my knowledge and experience to a wider community so i became a certified life coach. I was also inspired to become a life coach as i love helping my clients achieve true happiness and success.

I’ve always been a very passionate and energetic person with a desire to help everyone see their full potential and to find their lust for life. I have empathy for people who are at a point in their life who want to make a change and need direction and understanding from a non judgemental point of view. I’ve always been someone that people turn to as a natural listener, someone that people are at ease with and comfortable talking to in confidence. I’m here to help you learn new skills, set goals, overcome negative thinking patterns and someone you can be accountable to.

I’m a very active person, i love working out and keeping fit as well as eating healthy and maintaining a healthy life/ work balance. I travel often as i enjoy exploring new cultures, this helps me connect and understand so many different people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

I coach and mentor in person via Skype/Zoom/Whats App/Face time or phone internationally; living & working between England and the USA. I truly believe anyone can create their dream life with the right guidance and understanding. If you want to get to know me more as a person, take a look at the articles in my Blog section and also my instagram where i post videos & healthy life style advice.

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