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My Gratitude Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge this week? I want you to focus on all the positive things happening around you. We are all programmed to focus on the negative, but I am passionate about changing this for you. Daily practice helps trigger all your positive emotions such love, joy and hope. It’s also aContinue reading “My Gratitude Challenge”

Vision Boards

Visualisation is probably one of the most effective mind workouts you can do. With that being said, did you know that Vision boards are not only SUPER important but also extremely beneficial? They help provide a daily visual reminder of your goals & dreams. It creates that emotional connection that drives your motivation to achieveContinue reading “Vision Boards”


Nothing but content, clarity & peace. One of my top favourite places to travel too and live in so far. Back in 2007 i lived in Dubai for 6 months and got to experience the real middle eastern culture that it had to offer. Exploring the hidden gems of the dunes & connecting with theContinue reading “🐪DUBAI🐪”

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